6 Growing Social Media Trends in 2019

Depending on the ever-changing Google algorithms and frequent updates, the year 2019 assures to establish the trust of their loyal users. The predictions for 2019 consist of different strategies for brand management and startup businesses. Influencer marketing and paid social media campaigns might be common this year. Here are the six most predicted social media trends you should know about.

1. Building Conversational Commerce

The previous few years were insanely popular for the chatbot where several companies work tirelessly hard to create messaging bots. There are several websites allowing the easy installation of Facebook Messenger for the brands to apply chatbots. Many consumers value personal communication more than anything else, the reason companies are adopting the new idea quickly. Whether you are working on getting the latest chatbot or boosting the existing abilities of the current one, it is crucial to remember the customer’s preferences.

2. Sharing Stories

The disappearing posts on Snapchat or Instagram have become increasingly popular recently. There are extensive updates in Instagram stories in the previous year which includes collective stickers and great AR filters. Major social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp invested a huge amount of money to infiltrate story-type features. From brand storytelling to showing behind the scenes, the stories were used over a billion times every single day.

3. Creating Private Groups & Accounts

Many social media influencer accounts have completely transformed into building private Instagram accounts. Some brands and businesses followed the same step by creating separate accounts to boost customer’s interests. Apart from the “Close Friends” feature, brands must focus on creating an “insider’s view” feature. The reason private accounts and social media groups can be regarded as the top trend for 2019.

4. Boosting Transparency

In 2018, Facebook and Twitter combat major issues related to data sharing concerns, online harassment and privacy. Plenty of companies observe closely how their customer data was being used. According to recent statistics, people need complete transparency from their favorite brands. Instead of focusing on marketing services, try knowing about the customer’s requirements on social media. It means transparency in the form of showing the company values, brand new products, and publishing behind the scenes on social media.

5. New Social Media Networks

Thousands of frequent users have quitted Facebook which makes it extremely hard for the marketers to think about their next effective strategy. 2019 can be a great time for a new social media network to step in and focus on customer’s data and transparency. Look out for new and reliable social media networks which can be a handful to boost your brand’s name. The reason brands should save social media handles on every channel in case a popular social media network arise.

6. Employees Are Influencers

The growing rise of influencer marketing on social media is saturated and some accounts are pretending to collaborate with top brands to transform into real influencers. There is a prediction that a huge amount of money will be spent by brands on influencer marketing after analyzing their accounts. The employees sharing personal opinions about the brand can be very helpful as well.

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