6 Brilliant Methods to Rank a Keyword

Some digital marketing experts find it difficult to rank a keyword and increase Google ranking. If you have just started your website, it can be daunting to rank targeted keywords in the top pages. When it comes to keyword ranking, use SEO and content marketing tactics for better results. The following are seven basic steps to rank targeted keywords and beat your competitors.

1. Research Keywords

Researching all the primary keywords is crucial to rank higher than your competitors. Try to use different keyword tools to learn more about search volume that can also help you figure out the top ranking keywords. Always prefer a keyword which has high volume and can be easier to target on your website. However, some keywords are very tough to target even if they have relatively high volume. The important factor is to enlist all the important keywords which are relevant for your business. For instance, a company selling cars will target “how to find cheap cars” as their keyword.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords has become popular for SEO purposes and higher ranking. Brainstorm on the intent of the users and what they are trying to search on the queries. If your keyword is glasses, then the users might search for cheap glasses or glasses for kids. You have to evaluate the kind of keywords the users are going to search on Google and try creating keywords around it. According to Google, there is only one high ranking keyword, so work hard on determining that one juicy keyword.

3. Study Your Competitors

After finalizing your list of keywords, search them on Google and find out how others are using it for higher ranking. Try to do some research on your competitors and scratch out their strategy of ranking keywords and getting more website traffic. Check the URLs, title tags, H1 titles, and Meta descriptions of other websites to find how they have used long-tail keywords. Always stay one step ahead of your competitors to get higher ranking.

4. Accomplish a Few Basics

You must have a well-structured website and old enough to use backlinks or targeted keywords. Create a blog section and fit targeted keywords in your regular blogs for better ranking. Link building tactics are used after creating and publishing content every day on your website. The website design and on-page SEO should be on point when it comes to achieving higher ranking.

5. Create Tailored Content

There are several ways to target keywords on your website. From creating regular blog posts to product pages and infograpic, fitting in targeted keywords can be easier. However, you should figure out how to create content frequently or the overall budget needed for an in-house team. Even if you are able to create blogs, designing infographic and videos require professional expertise.

6. Execute Your Plan

Planning takes more time instead of execution. But, execution is the necessary step you should take to transform ideas into realities. The search engines love long form and high-quality content, the reason you should focus on publishing informational content for the users. Also, avoid keyword stuffing which is a mistake many beginners make to get higher ranking.


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