6 Clever Ways to Get Traffic from Voice Search Optimization

People use different words while voice searching and different words when typing something. Most of the voice searches are conducted on mobile phones, the reason optimization is crucial. The following are six remarkable voice search tactics to use for mobile optimization.

1. Take the Online Test

According to many SEO experts, your first step is to take Google’s “mobile-friendliness” test. This reliable report gives you the green light on whether your website page is mobile-friendly or not. The test can show you the relevant resources on the page that could not be loaded. If you wish to measure the usability of your website, log into your Google account and use the mobile usability report.

2. Ask Conversational Questions

Remember that people often ask their virtual assistant long questions rather than inserting a few keywords. While planning your brand new mobile-friendly SEO tactic, try adding question words such as how, what, where, or why. More than ten percent of voice searches begin with these common words.

3. Ignore Flash

Several mobile and desktop browsers are getting rid of Flash according to recent reports. The destruction of this multimedia platform is due to a heavy drain on battery life and a few security issues. The lack of proper support for Flash makes it extra hard for users to navigate your website from smartphones, especially if you are using Flash-based content. This reduces user experience and the chances of Google showing your website in voice search results.

4. Make It Faster

There is a lesser known fact that forty percent of mobile users wait less than five seconds or so before giving up on a website and moving on. The reason it is crucial you ensure faster loading time for your mobile webpages. Speak to your web design experts and brainstorm how to compress images and enhance page load speed.


5. Use Local Listings

Some mobile users feel more interested in finding specific nearby locations. They might ask verbally to “find Italian bars near me” or to locate “Car Dealers in San Diego.” To grab a chunk of these location-sensitive searches, you have to include your business in Google’s local listings. Make sure all your business information is current and authentic so Google can help people find you easily. There are many helpful articles that can give you a clear insight into Google’s methods for ranking your webpages in local searches.

6. Modify Google Search Console

Adjusting the settings for the “directory page” items under the Google Search Console can help you specify to Google Assistant the way your business name, description, and logo will emerge by Google Assistant. If you avoid updating your business information, Google will autofill the information for you. Some professionals believe if you are aggressive in updating these directory page settings it will boost your site higher in the voice search algorithm used by Google.
The above-mentioned tips can help many experts with voice search optimization. Besides voice search optimization, if you require SEO or PPC services, reach out to the professionals at SEO Solution 24×7. Give us a call today at (+92) 300 5498881 to talk to our SEO experts.

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