6 Major Reasons Why your Website Ranking Has Dropped

The website rankings can fall for many reasons. Often it’s due to a major mistake that could have been prevented. The ranking has less to do with what you’re doing than what your competitors are doing. In other cases, a major drop in website rankings is the natural result of intentional action on your part. Here are six major reasons you might experience a drop in rankings and what you can do in each case.

     1. You Are Tracking the Wrong Rankings

In the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift toward natural language when it comes to searches. Searches can be regarded as people typing, or increasingly speaking, complete sentences into search engines, or rather than just a few keywords. The keyword strategy can be obsolete if you are only tracking generic keywords. The people who are looking for your services are using the new targeted keywords or phrases, and you need to update the keyword strategy.

     2. The Google Dance

It’s normal for website rankings to fluctuate not just from one day to the next but from one location to another based on a host of other variables. Google is regularly testing every variable it can detect by changing the search results. The reason it’s counterproductive to encourage on specific rankings. A reliable SEO firm may give you a ranking report, but if you evaluate the rankings on your own computer they may be different. The website rankings that aren’t subject to other forces on this list won’t differ too much, but the Google dance might be the only logical explanation for small drops in rankings.

     3. Launching a New Website

If you launch a new website design rather than optimizing the existing one, you can expect the website rankings to drop regardless of what you do to prepare for the launch. Regardless of how much better the new website is, in terms of SEO, than the old one. To reduce the drop in rankings make sure a proper 301 redirect plan is in place. There are many companies that went out of business because of that single mistake. Make sure the new website is well optimized prior to the launch. However, get ready to experience low ranking at least temporarily that will recover within a few months.

     4. Redesigning the Website

You launched a redesigned website to replace an old one and the rankings went down and will continue to fluctuate. If you launch a brand new website and after a few weeks your website shot to the top of the rankings, and then dropped back down a lot, then it can be a common occurrence. The best advice is to be patient and invest in best practices SEO. Long term rankings require long term work.

       5. Sharing Low-Quality Links

Several companies made the mistake many years ago of succumbing to an offer of several links for a low price. With a few updates made by the search engines to stop what they see as “search engine spamming,” websites with large quantities of low-quality links pointing to them are seeing their rankings drop or disappear entirely. Google says if your site is being harmed by several links you don’t directly control, try to make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to the site.

       6. Losing Relevant Links

A drop in website rankings might be due to losing high-quality links. Perhaps those websites or webpages disappeared, or the link to your website was removed. Regardless of the cause, the solution is to continually developing high-quality links. By developing amazing content or helpful content, people will find it interesting enough to share.


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