A Detailed Guide to Understand the Difference Google AdSense & Google Ads

Google AdWords helps businesses to sign up and create a professional ad to be displayed by Google on relevant SERPs and other related content pages, and Google AdSense lets publishers work with Google to get those business ads placed on their pages for a cut of the profit. Google has numerous products geared towards advertising online and also making money with advertising on your own business website.

In this amazing blog post, our SEO experts will cover two massive products /services that Google offers in this space which are Google Ads or Adwords and Google AdSense. From covering the major differences to the advantages and how it works, we will describe all the details in this guide.

How Does Google Ads Work

Paying to Advertise Your Business

Google Ads is formerly known as Google AdWords, is the biggest advertising platform built for various types of businesses with an online or brick and mortar presence or both.

When it comes to Google Ads, businesses can create an account and successfully advertise their business online through multiple different channels which include the following:

  • Google searches
  • Google Shopping
  • Partner websites (Google Display Network)
  • YouTube

If you are running a business looking to get more website traffic, daily sales, increase store visits, or get more phone calls, then Google Ads is a great place to do that. As a legitimate business owner, you can quickly open a free Google Ads account and begin creating ads that you want to show up on a Google search engine results page (SERP):

As you start to set up your business campaign, the Google Ads system will help you pick relevant keywords so that you are making the right decision about where your ads are going to be placed on that SERP. Using such tools within the Google Ads platform, you can conduct research on keywords that are relevant to your products and services.

Google tries hard to ensure that your business ads are placed in front of relevant users, or users who are searching for something similar to what you are offering. Although creating a Google Ads account is free but actually creating and running a campaign is not. You can fix your own budget and can decide how much you want to pay based on either CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or PPC (pay per click). With advertising on Google, you have two different networks to choose from, both offering unique advertising options.

Google’s Search Network

The most basic form of advertising on Google is on the search network. The search network is the primary Google’s search engine, where you can market your business products or services by targeting relevant keywords. For instance, when a person uses Google to search for a plumber, you can easily advertise for your business to show up.

Google ads are written and created by real brick and mortar businesses. The businesses displaying their ads for this relevant keyword are paying every time a searcher clicks on their ads. Based on what keywords you decide to write ads for, you will pay different costs for the ads. The Google search network also contains different advertising options besides just searches on the Google engine.

It also includes the ability to better advertise on Google Shopping, Google’s ad-based ecommerce network. These are different search network ads using the Google Shopping advertising option. If you sell products and physical goods online, Google Shopping can be a perfect place to buy ads to advertise your product.

Google’s Display Network

Google’s display network helps advertisers to display their business on major websites such as YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and other partnering websites under the Google Network. For example, you can create compelling video advertisements and upload them on YouTube to capture traffic and attention. Or, you can run ads directly in Gmail to reach new audiences. Paying for Google Ads gives you adequate tools and ways to reach existing or brand new audiences to grow your business. By using Google Ads, you are just an advertiser who has to pay money to advertise your business on Google’s search and display networks. You do not get paid to advertise on Google, this is a very common misconception. But, how do you make money? Let’s take a closer look.

How to Make Money on Google Ads

Using Google Ads, you have to invest to make money. Paying for Google ads obviously costs money, so how do you make a profitable return? By encouraging the people to which you are advertising to buy what you are selling. It’s as basic as that. Google Ads requires some creativity in writing an ad and picking the right target audiences to generate a return. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay money for that click.

Then the goal is to either get the customers to directly purchase a product on your website or fill out an informational form with their email and phone number, allowing you to connect with them for free down the line, getting them to become a customer.

Common Misconceptions about Google Ads

Are all the Google Ads absolutely free? No, Google Ads require a certain budget to pay for advertisements to highlight your business. They are not actually free and cost money based on clicks and impressions.

  • Do Google Ads Show on My Website? No, Google Ads can only be shown on the Search Network (Google search) or Display Network (websites, YouTube, and more)
  • How Do You Get in Touch with New Audiences on Google Ads? With Google Ads, you can reach new audiences by targeting relevant keywords, such as “plumber near me,” or creating audiences on the display network by demographics and interests ranging from 25 to 35.
  • What Is the Major Difference Between SEO and Google Ads? SEO is also called search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing your business website for organic traffic. Google Ads is PPC marketing, where you pay for relevant traffic.
  • How Long Does it Take to Make Money on Google Ads? Earning from Google Ads all depends on how long it takes you to create an ad campaign. If you dedicate a few days to set up Google Ads, you can transform a profit in just a few days or weeks.
  • Which is Better, Google Ads or AdSense? In my opinion none of them is better, but both can be used side by side for business growth. If your primary goal is to get more customers, Google Ads can be your best bet. If you just want to monetize existing traffic to your business website, Google AdSense can be great.

How Google AdSense Work

Getting Paid to Run Ads on Your Business Website

With over a million users, Google AdSense is a system that Google uses to carefully spread ads that are found in Google Ads which includes the ads you’ve created in Google Ads as well as other ads not related to your company. Using Google AdSense is an amazing way to monetize your existing website and make more money.

Site owners are creating new campaigns on Google Ads every single day, and they want those shown to a relevant audience. Sometimes this means being put on a relevant website as opposed to a SERP. The ads don’t cost you a dime but make you money instead. A simpler way to look at AdSense is to think about yourself as a person who owns a website as compared to someone who created a paid campaign as you think about when discussing Google Ads.

By using Google AdSense, you have total control over what ads appears on your website, ensuring you aren’t promoting anything negative, dangerous, or explicit. This helps you to make tons of money by selecting targeted ads that relate to your target audience.

Since only the highest paying advertisements go live on your site, you aren’t spamming or annoying customers with countless ads, but rather, minimal ads that have a bigger impact.

How to Make Money on Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense is exceedingly simple in nature. First, you choose which type of ad you want to display on your business website. Next, you choose where you want that given ad format to display on your site. This can be numerous locations such as a banner ad or a sidebar ad. Then, using the AdSense dashboard you select or deselect ads that you want and don’t want to display. Finally, you get paid directly by Google for impressions and direct clicks. By using AdSense, you make money by allowing ads to run on your website.

Common Misconceptions about Google Adsense

  • Does Google AdSense Cost You Any Money? No! But using Google AdSense is a brilliant way to monetize your website and make money without spending money. On AdSense, you allow other advertisers to put their ads on your website while making a profit from impressions and clicks.
  • Is Google AdSense Spammy? Nope. With AdSense, you control what type of ads you display on your website and how many, preventing spam and ensuring the most relevant content for your target audience.
  • What is Google AdSense Best Used For? It is best suited for making money on your website without selling a product or service. If you just want to make money on your traffic, AdSense can be perfect.

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