6 Ways to Grow Business by 35% Using Social Media

There are several benefits of using social media to boost business growth. With over 2 billion users actively surfing on the major social media platforms, it is crucial for small business owners to advertise aggressively. It might not be productive to create an account and start promoting your services abruptly. Here are six best ways to boost business using social media.

1. Create Well-Structured Goals

To have a major impact, it is better to build a reliable content strategy first. It can enhance brand awareness, generate conversions, and organic traffic.   If marketing experts wish to have a large impact on social media and reach out to more prospective customers instantly, they should ensure their overall campaign goals should stay parallel with their core mission. Many online tools can help business owners evaluate the metrics and predict the course of a company such as Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Moz, or SEMrush. Set a few business goals to achieve that can boost business growth and online visibility. Whether your company needs brand awareness, train employees, or get multiple leads, decide first the mission of where the company is headed. Building goals for a successful social media strategy is crucial.

2. Develop Your Content Creation Process

Storytelling is one of the best ways to reach out to more customers and create a loyal fan base. An effective content strategy can set you apart from your potential competitors. Marketing experts should know how to entice customers and build interest. When it comes to creating a content strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy and they should keep developing a new, effective plan over time. Your content should resonate and struck a chord with the consumers to create a long-lasting relationship. Try to engage with new and old customers, the reason your content strategy should align with the social media platforms you choose.

3. Make a Schedule

If you are not consistent with your social media content strategy, then there are low chances of becoming successful. Determine the type of content which resonates with the target audience. However, develop a consistent strategy of creating and publishing social media posts on specific days to boost user engagement. Evaluate the type of social media platform and kind of content you are going to publish regularly. Find out the best time to post online. For instance, LinkedIn users might not be active during rush hours and mothers won’t check their social media while picking their kids from the school.

4. Use Engagement to Develop a Community

Using social media platforms can help you create long-lasting relationships. The business owners need to engage with the customers to create a brand identity. The target is to create an online community to earn the consumer’s trust, create relationships, and deepen bonds with the consumers. Keep in mind you wish to engage with the customers positively to create an online presence. According to a recent survey, it takes eight brand touches for customers to trust a brand and purchase their products. The reason you should think about connecting with the target audience. From replying back to the customer’s queries to sharing feedback, retweeting, and engaging with the customers online, there are many ways to boost online engagement.

Stats: 64% of marketing experts said that enhancing audience engagement stays important for their overall social media strategy

5. Choose the Best Social Network

One of the best and effective social media strategies is one that develops interest among customers. From Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, posting aimlessly on every social media platform might not be fruitful. Create a follower profile which helps you to pinpoint your customers. However, it is better to focus on the right social media platform to boost business growth. Younger adults prefer using Snapchat, millennials love posting pictures on Instagram, business owners tweet often on Twitter, and LinkedIn is used for personal branding.

Stats: Out of 2 billion active Facebook users, 56% male between the ages of 25 and 35 surf the social networking platform every day

6. Research the Keywords

Find out the relevant keywords you wish to target to get in touch with potential customers. Try to structure content and keywords according to your business. It is better to develop content for the customers rather than posting every day without a strategy. Brainstorm the keywords and hashtags you wish to target. CoSchedule, HootSuite, Buffer, and Agora Pulse are a few social media management tools to use for better efficiency.

Stats: 87% of a business page’s engagement occurs by sharing posts with pictures

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