How to Successfully Run LinkedIn Ads (A Basic Guide)

LinkedIn is considered as a highly valuable tool to form networks with professionals having similar interests. But there are a few important points professionals don’t talk about as much that LinkedIn is also a reliable inbound marketing platform. Inbound marketing on LinkedIn might seem a bit intimidating at first. There are several tactics marketing experts are using and figuring out another way to create targeted content on LinkedIn is difficult. However, digital marketing specialists have more power with LinkedIn campaigns that they don’t realize. LinkedIn has a great ads platform and those who are using pay-per-click (PPC) methods to boost the online presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google can add LinkedIn to that list as well.

All You Need to Know about LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Advertising your business services and products on LinkedIn is a two-step process. First, you should have to set up your LinkedIn campaign and then create targeted ads for the niche audience. By reading this basic guide, you can learn how to set up a LinkedIn campaign and build targeted ads.

1. Setting Up Your Campaign

After running the LinkedIn advertising campaigns, it will be live on a different platform from the LinkedIn you see usually. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform is a place where the ads will be published. Visit the LinkedIn Ad campaign page to begin your campaign and select “Create Ad” to run it successfully. After creating the ads, you can simply create a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account if you haven’t created it yet. Make sure you enter your associated LinkedIn Company Page if you have one.

2. Setting Up the Ads

This allows choosing the type of LinkedIn ads that work best for your campaign. After establishing the basic parameters for your LinkedIn ads, the marketing experts can start building it and choose from various options how LinkedIn will display and show the ad variations. This is important if you are creating more than one type of ads.

To start the LinkedIn ad campaigns, click on “Create new ad.” A small screen will pop up with the title “Create a new ad for this campaign” which will help you to create the copy for your ad, pair it with another image, and quickly preview the different layout options. There are a few basic guidelines around the copy that we suggest for new ad campaigns:

  • Ad image is the kind of artwork or graphic that your target audience will see on your ads. The image size must be 100×100 pixels and uploaded as a .jpg or .png file that is up to 2MB or smaller.
  • Ad headline is the primary message your target audience will see which cannot exceed 25 characters. When creating ad headlines, make sure to write catchy and click-bait sentences.
  • Ad description is the main body of your ad and can be up to 75 characters long. The description should be clear and relevant to the person viewing the ad or page to which you’re sending them.
  • Destination URL is the landing page where your audience will go after clicking the ad. Double check that the URL to make sure it is accurate.

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