Top 7 SEO Mistakes Which Affects Your Website Ranking

With many Google algorithm updates, publishing unique content might not be enough to boost your website’s ranking. It is crucial to prevent any type of structural or SEO-related issues which can negatively impact the website ranking. Duplicate content is one of the most common problems SEO experts face in the previous years. Here are seven SEO-related issues every digital marketer should avoid making.

1. Bad Mobile Experience

A poor mobile experience drives users away from your website. The reason optimizing the website, whether on mobile or tablets can be crucial. Site speed and user experience are the two most important factors when it comes to attracting more users. According to some SEO experts, leading users to a separate mobile site can be useless. Work on creating similar responsive designs for both desktop and mobile devices to ensure a user-friendly experience.

2. Poor Website Navigation

The users won’t find the website engaging if they are unable to navigate what they are seeking. Poor website navigation might lead to low ranking. Problems related to crawling or customer’s engagement can be the two decisive factors of low authority websites. The website won’t be able to rank on top of search engines if it is irrelevant and useless for the users.

3. Dubious Link Building

The Google Penguin update slashes every website which uses suspicious link building or practices black hat SEO techniques. Besides helping many businesses increase website traffic, link building can be risky as well. There are a few ways you are hurting the website ranking which includes putting spammy or irrelevant backlinks. Google crawlers can easily dig deep into the website if you are using natural and different links leading to relevant authority sites.

4. Images without Text Elements

Many website designs focus more on putting wonderful pictures rather than considering how these photos can impact the search engine rankings. To create an enticing page for the customers, SEO experts are putting images with bold colors and appealing fonts only. However, with the help of CSS, Web fonts, or HTML, retaining the beauty and achieving SEO-optimized results can be possible.

5. Slow Page Speed

To achieve higher rankings and promote a great user experience, the page speed matters a lot. Even if you are putting several images or videos and CSS style sheets on the website, ensure they are completely optimized. Use an online page speed test which can help you boost site speed. Google also provides a few online tools to boost the website’s speed.

6. Sloppy URLs

When it comes to creating and publishing new content, a few blogging platforms develop messy URLs. Don’t end up with useless URLs which can lower your website ranking or click-through rates. The search engines prefer ranking keyword-rich and SEO-friendly URLs which is easier for the readers to perceive.

7. Local Search Data Markup

You are avoiding major ranking factors if you are not benefitting from local data search. Google appreciates local search intent or popular sites which have a significant presence on local data providers like Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Facebook. Several SEO specialists have problems related to location-specific web pages.

These are some of the most common mistake digital marketers make which can negatively affect the website ranking. If businesses need reliable SEO, PPC, or social media services, reach out to SEO Solution 24×7. Our expert team has years of experience in helping small and big business owners generate more leads. Give us a ring today at (+92) 300 5498881 to speak with one of our professionals today.


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