5 Types of Engaging Videos for Social Media Marketing

Video marketing for brands is not a new idea to promote products and services. If you are using traditional marketing tactics such as passing flyers, putting banners, or publishing ads in the newspaper, then try to restructure the whole marketing strategy. When it comes to advertising, video marketing is one of the best ways to engage with the target audience and generate conversions. Our social media experts have shared five major types of videos better suited for effective social media marketing.

1. How-To Videos

Many users prefer watching tutorial videos to explore how to accomplish tasks in a better way. Even if a person has nothing to do with the type of videos you share, he or she might watch it because of the kind of content you are sharing. For instance, if you are in the cosmetics industry selling products, then a tutorial video on putting on makeup or trying out different styles can be compelling for the users. However, make sure the how-to guides or tutorials are informational and decisive allowing the users to understand easily. When it comes to creating how-to guides, ensure the most crucial information is delivered within the first few minutes.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

To boost brand name and identity, sharing behind-the-scenes videos can help businesses connect with customers on a personal level. Share everyday operations of the business, the site where the products are created, or a tour of the whole office in your behind-the-scenes videos. Try to be a little creative when creating behind-the-scenes videos to keep the viewers interested. Interview any one of your employees who can speak frivolously about the brand and share it with your viewers. These types of videos can help brands create a meaningful relationship with the customers. Rather than creating captions, video marketing can be an excellent way to build a brand name.

3. Live Videos

Going live on any one of the social media platforms is a popular way to develop a large audience. Whether you are going live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, it allows you to speak directly with the audience and share the latest news. Live streaming is best-suited to share news about promotions or giveaways. Make sure the lighting and sound are perfect for the viewers to understand it. Whenever you are going live on Facebook or Instagram, tell the followers about it a few hours ago. Make a specific time to go live that can help the users know about it beforehand.

4. Informational Videos

Whether you are in the shoe industry or sell computers online, sharing informational videos about it can be perfect and enticing. You can choose from a wide variety of topics when it comes to sharing informational videos for the customers. You have less than seven seconds to grab the attention of the viewers so make it count and develop an engaging video related to your business products or services. Develop a wonderful informational video for the viewers to maximize business growth. Put a few funny elements in the video to make it more interesting and convincing.

5 .User-generated Video

One of the most effective ways to gain a large audience is to develop user-generated videos and use appropriate hashtags. In this way, the target audience will be more willing to share the branded content on their social media profiles. Acknowledging the target audience is important to interact with potential customers. Persuade the users to share their ideas and have fun during the creation of a user-generated video.

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