The Real Importance of Backlinks in 2019

Link building is an activity to get hyperlinks from other websites to your own official website. A hyperlink is a better way for users to navigate between the relevant pages on the internet. Some of the major search engines like Google use backlinks to crawl the web between the individual pages on your website and they will crawl the links between entire websites. There are several techniques for creating links, and while they differ in difficulty, SEO experts tend to agree that link building is challenging. Several SEO professionals spend the majority of their time trying to do numerous things well. If you are able to build relevant and high-quality links, it might put you ahead of other SEO experts and your competitors

Reasons to Build Backlinks in 2019

  • White Hat Strategy

Google prefers high-quality links while ranking a website. The reason link building is a crucial part of white hat SEO.

  • Google Penguin Altered Link Usage

A few years back, you can enhance your website’s ranking by getting links from any website regardless of its domain authority. However now, Google carefully checks the source page to evaluate your rank in SERPs. Low-quality links have many risks.

  • Redirect Your Target Audience

SEO professionals consider hyperlinks to be the way to redirect your audience from the landing page to the main targeted page. The ranking of the page and other such factors are considered while building links. LRT is an SEO toolbar which evaluates the potential risks associated with links when it analyzes the target and the link source page.

  • Create Relevant Links

Your use of resources in the link will determine how it is going to add to the website’s credibility in the long run. It is better to evaluate the risks and remove those links that can hurt your future progress. Take adequate time to look into the page rank and domain authority of the resource from where you’re going to collect the backlink.

Factors to Consider while Building Backlinks

Focus on building relevant links for your prospective customers. Try to include links only in those content that are relevant to the searches of your target audience. If Google determines that you’ve impressed or satisfied your users, it will nudge your website to the top. However, make sure that the links look natural or Google will think that you’ve tried to manipulate its current algorithm.

Facts to Know About Good Links and Bad Links

  • Guest Posting

Over-optimized anchor texts can be considered as spammy or bad links. According to several SEO experts, a backlink is considered to be perfect if it encourages people to post a few words about your company and make the link appear natural. It gives you bigger and positive results if you include brand keywords or navigational phrases.

  • Commenting

Blog/forum commenting is a common SEO strategy which shouldn’t include many commercial keywords. It should appear natural. Take part in those commenting might add extra value to your business.

  • Reciprocal Linking

Exchanging links with the competitors can negatively impact the website’s ranking if you are using bad links. Besides lowering the website, it can be a huge benefit for your business if you’re exchanging high-quality links.

  • Link Buying

Google will strictly penalize those websites that are purchasing quality links from others. It is considered an unethical part of SEO. If you require any help regarding backlinks or want to know more about it, an SEO expert can provide reliable assistance.

How Link Building Can Hugely Benefit a Business?

Backlinks are a crucial signal that the search engines use to evaluate rankings. We realize that enhancing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can greatly increase the chances of ranking well on Google. There are many other benefits to link building that may be less immediately obvious yet still worthy of consideration.

Creating Relationships

Link building might often involve outreach to other relevant websites and blogs in your respective industry. This way of outreaching frequently relates to the promotion of website content that you’ve just created like a video or an infographic. A basic goal of outreach is to get a backlink, but there other related benefits of it as well. Outreach can help you create long-term relationships with major influencers in your respective industry that means your business becomes highly regarded and trusted. This can be valuable for your business even if we ignore link building because we are developing genuine evangelists and ambassadors to grow our business.

Sending Huge Referral Traffic

You might be thinking what about the huge impact of links on referral traffic? A relevant link from a highly-visited website might lead to an increase in website traffic. If it is a website with relevancy and high domain authority, chances are that the website traffic is also organic and can increase in sales. In this scenario, the value of a backlink isn’t just about search engine optimization but more about customers. There is a large difference between being exposed to a wide range of audience and being exposed to a relatively smaller audience which is exceedingly passionate. The avid followers of a single blog were more likely to listen to the advice of a blogger than viewers were to pay attention to an anchor on CNN.

Building Brand Identity

Regular link building can build your brand and establish you as a reliable authority in your respective niche. There are a few link building methods, like content creation, which can show the actual expertise of your company and create your brand identity. For instance, if you develop a piece of content using the industry data and publish it, you have a clear chance of becoming popular for it in your industry. When you are performing outreach and try to get relevant backlinks to the content, you are highlighting your expertise and asking other influencers in the industry to spread the word and show others the same.

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