The Importance of Instagram Stories for Social Media Marketing

Over a billion people use Instagram every day to share pictures and connect with people of similar interests. It has become one of the most important social media platforms for marketing experts where they can share countless pictures and stories for brand awareness. Running an effective campaign on Instagram is essential to reach out to potential customers and create an online presence for your brand. As one of the leading experts in the marketing industry, our experts have shared a few reasons Instagram stories can be helpful for brand advertising.

What are Instagram Stories?

After a major influence of Snapchat stories, millions of people and social media influencers start sharing Instagram stories. A person or brand owner can take a picture or video and share an Instagram story that disappears after a day. The Instagram story will appear on the Instagram handle rather than on the news feed or the profile grid. Some marketing experts are arguing that Instagram copied the concept of Snapchat when it comes to sharing stories for public viewing. But Instagram stories have become increasingly popular. From using different types of filters to unique doodles and vibrant effects, there are many creative ways to share an Instagram story. Also, you can add favorite songs or make the stories private on Instagram.

Reasons to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

The following are a few reasons marketing experts should consider using Instagram stories.

  • Besides Facebook, Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among travelers, singers, celebrities, and brands to share their products and services. Instagram has a massive fan base that can be leveraged by marketing experts to promote brand awareness.
  • Instagram is a fun-filled social media platform allowing brands to display a bright side of their marketing campaign. Try to share latest or insider’s view of the business for the customers to learn more about your brand. Brainstorm before sharing an Instagram story to connect with potential customers in a better way.
  • If an Instagram handle has over ten thousand followers, share a link to an outbound link to redirect the customers to a landing page. This is one of the easiest ways to generate conversions and organic traffic.
  • Social media platforms allow users to share diverse content to keep the target audience entertained. Whether you are sharing a dancing video of your office employees or having a live Q/A session, there are many different ways to market your brand effectively.
  • Marketing experts can easily run ads on Instagram just like Facebook to get in touch with millions of people. Instagram ads are much cheaper as compared to advertising on banners, flyers, or billboards.

Crucial Tips to Create Instagram Stories

If you are an emerging marketing agency, then it is important to schedule every Instagram story to gain popularity. The following are a few simple rules to create engaging Instagram stories to gain more customers.

  • When it comes to sharing Instagram stories, try to be real and authentic to gather a larger audience. It is an amazing way to share “behind the scene” videos or display a sparkling personality of your brand.
  • Use significant hashtags related to your brand and services so the users will learn more about your brand identity. Tag other popular influencers and brands as much as you can to market your products and services.
  • By using a few Instagram tools, brands can reach more customers and boost business growth within a few months. Use video editing tools to share compelling Instagram stories.

To achieve success in social media, consistency is important for brand outreach. Make sure the posts are properly scheduled and constructive enough to entice customers.

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